David Zbíral


David is the author and principal investigator of the DISSINET project. He focuses on inquisitorial records from Occitania, Lombardy, and Tuscany (1230s-1320s). His special interest is the situational emergence and transmission of institutions in social interaction, such as rituals, norms, and organizational forms. He is also interested in the spatial patterns of dissent, such as the spatial distribution of rituals and the mobility of dissident ministers.

David Zbíral

Tomáš Hampejs


Tomáš is a data analyst, programmer, and computational social and cognitive science enthusiast. He devises and maintains the digital infrastructure for data collection in the DISSINET project and designs various tools for data transformation. He is interested in social scientific theory, the formalized modelling of complex phenomena, and bridging the social and the cognitive aspects of religion.

Jan Král


Jan is a student member of the DISSINET team. He focuses on episcopal investigations against dissidents broadly defined as Lollards in late 14th- to 16th-century England. His special interest is gender, occupation, social status, and literacy in dissident communities from a network perspective.

Adam Mertel


Adam is a geographer, cartographer, and developer of online applications. He works on the aggregation, analysis, and visualisation of data concerning demography, physical geography, and the presence of official Church infrastructure, and relates these data to the hotspots of dissent.

Robert Shaw


Robert is a historian whose research within DISSINET uses network and geographical analysis to unlock patterns of punishment and resistance in Occitan communities undergoing inquisition. He is particularly interested in how these interactions affected social connections and perceptions over time. His previous research has focused on the religious networks forged by late medieval monastic reform, both between cloisters and beyond them.


Robert Shaw

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